I have resisted this Tuesday...Giving Tuesday.  I am cynical about so many things these days...honestly.  So I  therefore do not want to jump on board with the opportunity today to ask for funding. It feels like buying cards on Valentine's Day you know...contrived and contributing to capitalistic greed?  Only worse.  Blegh.  But you know it's pretty great to receive a card from my husband on Valentine's Day isn't it...hm.  And Christmas is coming but it doesn't have to be about spending way too much money...it actually is about Jesus, and family, and love, and friends.  His coming birth...Advent is a beautiful process of waiting and hope.  Hm.  There are so many things I side eye...and then when I consider my heart motives and a less critical point of view, I often see a sweeter side.  There is a sweetness in all of us pausing to consider ways...

I feel like I disappeared...some of you wouldn't have noticed.  I'm not being critical.  It's just how life is, right?  We come and go a bit, the ebb and flow of friendships.  Some of you are like, no you didn't disappear, what are you talking about? You are few in number.  I am aware of a withdrawal...and in some ways I'm still living it. Social media is a funny thing, too.  Do you feel like you are keeping in touch with people because you are "following" along with their life through their posts?  I know I do!  Hmmmm.  

The truth is sometimes I do disappear even when my body is present.  Depending on your personality type you may or may not understand that statement.  I can withdraw into a place of observing my life rather than being fully present.  I'm working on that!  In this case, I d...

I’m not a poet, at least not in a real and trained way.  I write poems but that doesn’t mean they are acceptable by real poets, that’s for sure.  They are only acceptable to me (sometimes) and I rarely share them!  But I’m having a thought that maybe I need to be brave.  So here we go!

Below are two poems.  Let me explain.  I have some issues with living in Los Angeles.  I am a country girl at heart and find that everything in me feels right and at home when I am out of the city.  Let me define city…you can see your neighbors walk out of their house and hear the cars on the freeway from your front porch. There is more cement than grass.  And you measure driving distance by time, not miles.  So, yes, the “Valley” where I live is the city…though I am very thankful that I can also see mountains from my kitchen window and smell the g...

The last few weeks have been...interesting.  I would characterize them by saying that I have not been very happy with myself in various areas of my life. (#Loser)  Do you ever feel like that?  Goals and deadlines missed, lack of follow through, chores undone...mind not, well, focused. In the middle of all of that (and there's way more), answers to prayer have started to roll in...one after another in truly unpredictable, unforeseen ways.  There have been specific answers in areas that have been prayed over for quite a long time. It has been amazing to me on so many levels.  I feel completely unworthy, at this specific moment even more than usual, of having God answer my prayers.  

It all reminds me of chapter four in the book Good and Beautiful God..."God is Generous." My goodness, He certainly is exactly...

One of the continually rumbling thoughts I've had these past few January weeks has been regarding transitions. 

I enjoy the game of basketball so much...and of course it is basketball season!  I was watching our team (the Bruins!) play a few weeks ago and remembering one of the biggest differences for me way back when I actually played this game.  The college game is so fast.  It is essential to move from offense to defense quickly. This "transition" from one to another, the speed of the transition, is what sets high powered teams apart.  Transition offenses look for ways to catch the defense unprepared and out of position, and transition defense requires immediate change from offense to defense and A LOT of communication with teammates.  How fast a team goes from defense to offense is one of my favorite things to watch.  How quickly can a team...

It was 1985 and I had the biggest heart blast I’ve ever had in my life.  He came rolling in 8 lbs. 14 oz. of precious.  Whoa. 

It’s hard to explain how motherhood hit me. 

I know not everyone feels the same, and not everyone wants children…or is able to have children.  I share my experiences here with some apprehension, not wanting to stir up more pain…but that is kind of the point too.  I was in awe, and immediately and completely smitten.  I even loved getting up in the middle of the night to feed him and change him.  My friend Cheryl says children are “our hearts walking around outside of our bodies.”  Indeed they are.

The entrance of a child into our lives is the ultimate new scary risky wonderful relationship.  The longings for a child can be some of the most powerful and difficult desires to navigate.  Being in...

Sometimes relationships are complicated. The hard work of keeping them healthy is easy to avoid...but when we dig in and invest and tend to the people in our lives, the rewards are full of beauty.

I was just thinking that one of the really good decisions I’ve made in the past couple of years has been to listen to Jane Albright and dig into the book Good and Beautiful God, by James Bryan Smith.  I had read the book as part of a Bible study several years ago and felt it was so practical and insightful.  These last two years though I’ve been through the book about three more times.  Every time I read it, the truth that is within these pages gets deeper into my heart.  And the truth is really just solid teaching about Jesus, the Bible, and how to change from the inside out. 

When Cheryl Baird suggested we use the first few chapters of the book as the content for teaching at our 2017 Rest and Renewal Retreat here in SoCal, I immediately knew she was onto something special and important.  We have been having these retreats...

I often live not

In my life

Missing moments

Wanting more

Others have

What I desire

Discontent invades

Tired heart

Mind numbed

Envy fogging

Focus lost

Yet truth told

Look around

Gifts abound

Home and yard

Husband kind 

Children grown

Needs met plenty

More to share

Pets scurry play and

Snuggle close happy

Friends eyes light

Hugs abound

Work to do each day

Healthy hands to serve

I'm missing God gift

Moments looking off

To lands unknown

Desires clouding

Sacred simple

Stealing life

Time to stop






In my last post I said I'd be thinking about the yoke.  That is exactly what has happened.  As I ran into challenges along the way last week, and there were quite a few, my mind went back to the picture of two oxen yoked together.  (Even though I didn't really like that picture...more on that in a minute.)  Jesus right there, really close, yoked to me, me to Him.  It actually made me pause and caused me to tangibly feel His presence.  I had thought the yoke meant to let Him pull the weight.  I've heard teaching on that most of my life...don't strain against the yoke. Walk in step with Him and the weight will fall on His strong shoulders.  Maybe, yes...but what I experienced wasn't a call to stop running ahead or dragging my feet, instead it was, well, just Him.  It seemed to me He kept whispering, "I'm right here."...

I feel like I've been on a bit of a bullet train, flying along and making stops, and then having to get back on quickly arriving at a new destination.  I love the challenge of it all and it has been a clear gift from God--both the series of events, trips, adventures...and the strength to be fully present at each stop.  However, I got tired.  Really tired.

Friday I had to stop.  Do you ever have days like that?  I went to bed with a tired headache Thursday night, and woke up with an intensified ache, and a very tired body. I felt weak all over, and I couldn't exactly think.  It was hard to concentrate on anything...even whether I was sick or just tired.  Finally, I decided to take a day and stay home.  Even then I was thinking...if I take a sick day I can clean my office and get caught up on some things...maybe I could even mow the gra...

I have a a tendency toward self-sufficiency.  I don’t say that to brag, it’s actually a confession. I feel like self-sufficiency is a self-protective device that I fight.  It’s an interesting battle because, correct me if I’m wrong, but self-sufficiency is generally regarded as a positive trait in our culture.  We call it independence, strength, drive…and other such positive things.  I call it: I can do this myself; I don’t need your help.  Me, myself and I…we got this. If I can’t quite do something myself, I get frustrated, angry even.  And, honestly, I’m recognizing that I also feel a little bit vulnerable.  OK, I feel a lot vulnerable. 

My friend Cheryl once asked, “Why do you think it's hard to ask for what you need?”

UGH.  Double UGH.  My self-sufficient response would be—I don’t actually NEED anything!  H...

Labor Day is a great opportunity to just have a day.  What a gift…a day off of work, to invest in whatever one might like to do. I’ve certainly enjoyed this extra day as a beach day, family day, picnic time or chance to take a trip over a long weekend.  This year the “to do” list was too long, so we stayed home.  No children are here, as they are all adults living away from home, which now that I think about it is probably part of the reason the list is so long here.  There was a day when we had three young, strong people doing chores for their parents…now we just have us, the parents…and we get tired!  

My thought about three hours into my list, in the midst of sweeping the driveway, was…life sure gets messy fast.  The thought ran through my mind and gained traction.  Yes, yes it does.  The garage needs to be organized and...

The UCLA women's basketball team headed “down under” for 10 days of adventure in Australia—we left excited and returned exhausted and with full hearts.  There were so many reasons to be excited: travel to new lands, 5 star resort hotels, games to play with new teammates, anticipated adventures, new and old friends to spend time with, beach time, the Great Barrier Reef…it was all in front of us and well anticipated!  However, looking back over this trip, the one thing that filled our hearts the most, touched the deepest and changed us all was the few hours we spent at a small school near Cairns in Queensland, northern Australia. We rolled in to the school on our bus around 9:00 in the morning, not really sure what to expect.  The plan was to learn some history of Australia from the teachers there, and to spend time with the students, probably o...

It's time to write.  I'm always just thinking about...something.  In this blog my hope is to be just thinking a bit more out loud.  We will see where this takes us!  Lord willing, we will go to new places that are good for our souls.  

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I've long felt like I should write more.  I keep starting and then...well, you can finish that sentence right?  My name is Debbie Haliday.  We began Restoration Sports, seeking to follow the Lord's leading, with the help of my brother Dan Baker.  I am so grateful to him.  I currently work as the Program Assistant for UCLA women's basketball...my alma mater.  I love the Bruins!  It is a labor of love there.  Adding Restoration Sports to my life and work is a dream come true in many ways. The retreat and outreach we currently do will be multiplying to more of the same, Lord willing.  I'd like to chronicle the adventure of how God grows this work here. And also share some of what the Lord is showing and teaching me as we go.  

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