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Rest and Renewal  
June 2-4, 2023

Sometimes we need to pivot. And in the space of a lifetime, there can be MANY pivots! So here we are on the brink of being back in person with this retreat...we tried to do this the way we "always" have, and it just is not all falling into place. is our pivot!  And we would love for you to God calling you to pivot with us???

The theme is going to be PILGRIMAGE...and the passage is from Psalm 84.  One of the key verses will be, "Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage." We will unpack that verse and look over the Psalm and see where God leads us. 

The location is also a PILGRIMAGE friends!  We will be meeting at our home in Northern California.  The space is limited...and then again somewhat unlimited if you'd like to set up a tent and be outside :) ...we can talk about more details if you have questions.  Just email me ( and we can either go back and forth there, or set up a time to talk.  

The cost is $100 for Friday-Sunday all meals, snacks...and such.  

One of our core values is to carefully welcome every person...we like to say, "All of you is welcome here!" And we really mean it!  Will you join us? We will sing, laugh, learn, play and in general rest and renew...together.  You should come!





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