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Rest and Renewal  So Cal June 2-4, 2023

Whenever we ask the question, "What would you hope for in a retreat?" ...the answer that comes up the most consistently is--REST!!!  Then also, a place to be able to connect with other like minded women.  We are so excited to be back in person in 2023 and provide what we hope will be a place of refuge, a place to listen to each other and for God's presence...a beautiful place that fills our souls.  



One of our core values is to carefully welcome every person...we like to say, "All of you is welcome here!" And we really mean it!  Will you join us? We will sing, laugh, learn, play and in general rest and renew...together.  You should come!

This year's retreat will be held at beautiful Big Bear Lake, CA.  Our host will be the Big Bear Christian Conference Center.  Click the button below to go to their website.


This year's theme:  REST




Exploring the "Sacred Rhythm" of REST 

Ruth Haley Barton says in her book Sacred Rhythms, "What an amazing thing it would be to have the rhythms of your life regularly usher you into such deep trust that you could actually rest from it all."  (pg 132) We will take some time to talk together about the challenges of developing those rhythms while dealing with "it all," some tools to consider, and then time to practice being quiet and listening and leaning into trust. 



Traditionally on Saturday afternoon we open the time from lunch through 5pm to give space for whatever each person wants to do!  Naps often happen!  Sometimes hikes, Starbucks, time by the lake, paddle boarding (though that has been a bit precarious) and occasional tattoos is our opportunity to not just talk about rest, but to actually rest, whatever that looks like for you.



After dinner we will gather again to have a special contemplative experience that is both about our individual spiritual connection with God, and spiritual community.  It's hard to explain, but we have found this time to be deep and meaningful, and actually also really cool and beautiful.  😊



We usually finish up by 11am... 



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