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Field of Dreams

We have been dreaming.  

What if the children and people at the Baja Mission had a real soccer field???

This dream has become a reality as we have seen God provide!  We now have half a turf field! The clinic experience, as well as the opportunity for the children and staff at the mission to play soccer safely on their own field every day have been transformative.

Step by step He leads.  Phase One and Two are completed.  The entire area is secured by a fence and the half field is just beautiful!  The next phases include lights, the second half of the field, a track around it all, bleachers for spectators, and bathroom facilities.  

My question is--will you join us building the rest of this dream facility?  Every bit helps!


The green button

will take you to the FFHM

website.  When you get to the link, scroll down to 

"Baja Soccer Field" under "Projects" and you will see the artist rendering of the field as well as the link to donate directly to this project.

Below is an article written by our dear friend who served for many years at the mission--Susan.  She is amazing and part of her beautiful legacy is how she led FFHM through the initial phases of the project.  


Also please email me if you have any question at all...AND if you know of anyone who would have the resources to help!  I will talk to anyone and everyone! :) 

"Build It and They Will Come"

By Susan Eichensehr

Visitor Coordinator, Baja Mission                                                       


In Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner heard a mysterious voice calling him to build a baseball field. The fruit of his efforts would be Shoeless Joe Jackson and the 1919 White Sox team stepping out of heaven to play ball on his farm.  Though just a fantasy movie, all started with a vision and obedience.


Over fifty years ago, Charla Perreau also had a vision.  Upon walking through what would become the Baja mission, she heard children laughing where none were visible.  Charla heeded God's call to claim the dry and dusty property as a safe haven for needy children.  Since that time, God has been faithful in providing for the basic needs and a Christian education for hundreds of children in a godly home. 


With primary needs met and living in developing community, we have been fortunate to layer in extra-curricular activities for our children and staff.  This past year has included a focus on health and wellness as an active lifestyle and sound nutrition continue with the children as they transition out of the home.  Once a month, we host a whole home fitness day where children and staff partake in a morning of hockey, obstacle courses, martial arts, calisthenics, and most popular, soccer. 


Soccer is a language here in Baja.  It is a national pastime that bypasses all barriers bringing people together in fellowship, fitness, fun, and for us at the mission, faith. Characters are matured as fruits of the spirit such as patience, kindness and self-control are developed.  Team sports provide an opportunity for children and adults to trust in others, strategize and communicate effectively.


In the community, there are soccer leagues in which our children and staff eagerly participate.  Yet, the playing fields are substandard, one having no grass at all.  Leagues do not accommodate all age groups, primarily our younger teens who are at a critical stage in their own development.    At the home, we have a practice area but we are cautious about playing there due to number of injuries caused by gopher holes and uneven terrain.  Knees have been compromised, ankles sprained and most recently, Miguel suffered a broken arm.  More than ever, we are prompted to invest in a proper playing field before more players are sidelined.


As such, Jugamos has partnered with us to transform the vision of a playing field at the home into a reality.  Jugamos is a faith-based soccer ministry started by Debbie Haliday an outreach component of her non-profit, Restoration Sports.  Debbie and her team faithfully serve at the mission each spring providing soccer camps to our children.  She fully comprehends the connection between faith, fellowship and sport.  Having our own field would provide a safe activity venue for our children, staff and visitors.  More so, we hope to be a beacon attracting our neighbors to step into God’s presence through sport.  


We have the space.  We have professional blueprints drawn and a budget prepared for construction of a field. $225,000 USD is necessary to complete the project which includes artificial turf and fencing.  Donations can be made on our website ( or by check with “soccer field” on the memo line.  Build it and HE will come. 


"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  Colossians 3:17

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