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Another Tuesday

I have resisted this Tuesday...Giving Tuesday. I am cynical about so many things these days...honestly. So I therefore do not want to jump on board with the opportunity today to ask for funding. It feels like buying cards on Valentine's Day you know...contrived and contributing to capitalistic greed? Only worse. Blegh. But you know it's pretty great to receive a card from my husband on Valentine's Day isn't And Christmas is coming but it doesn't have to be about spending way too much actually is about Jesus, and family, and love, and friends. His coming birth...Advent is a beautiful process of waiting and hope. Hm. There are so many things I side eye...and then when I consider my heart motives and a less critical point of view, I often see a sweeter side. There is a sweetness in all of us pausing to consider ways we can give instead of ways we can get. A lot of amazing organizations are able to do what they do because of financial support from people who believe in them.

And so, here we are, my skeptical critical self not wanting to be participating in something like Giving Tuesday...but still doing so because, well, this Restoration Sports ministry is in my hands, and the financial needs are real. And my motives are not selfish as far as I can tell. There is a sweeter side here too, maybe. Humbly reaching out to a community of people who I love and really seek to serve, expressing a need, choosing do this together, are all beautiful ways to live. It is pretty hard to ask for help--but it is very amazing to have others come alongside and say yes to helping. There is a sweetness in not doing this alone.... So I am coming to you this "Giving Tuesday" because maybe you really have decided to give this year and maybe you are looking to give somewhere...and maybe this would be a place you would want to invest in, a work you believe in and want to support. Maybe the Lord has put this on your heart and is stirring your heart...He does that with me too. This work is about women in sport, about providing spiritual encouragement and prayers and retreats, about soccer for kids in Mexico...I am so thankful.

I've looked through our budget for 2020 and see that there are clear places of need. We will need people to come to the retreats. We will need people to give above the cost of registration. We will need more financial backing this year, because honestly I'm not employed right now...and my usual method of subsidizing the ministry from my own finances is likely not going to happen. It's all a step of faith...leaving UCLA, continuing the retreats, Jugamos and our desire to build a field for the kids at the is all wonderful, and it all requires funding.

I'm hopeful to raise at least $5,000 this December for our budget needs. (That does not include the money we are trying to raise for the Baja "Field of Dreams" which is likely to be around $175,000 --see website tab.) Would you consider helping us meet that goal? Any amount helps. Even registration at one of the retreats now versus waiting for closer to the event helps. It all adds up!

Thank you for reading this far :) Here is the link to donate:

Or you can click the PayPal box at the top of our webpage:

You can enter the amount you would like to give. This is a paypal account that does not accept credit cards.

If you would like to use a credit card, please use the "Cash App" (icon below) -- $RestorationSports -- is the account name.

Checks are always welcome as well...made out to Restoration Sports. Our new address is: 10986 Melody Rd. Big Oak Valley, CA 95977

All donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be sent out next month.

Thanks for considering!



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