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Rest & Renewal

"Strong Women"

June 12, 2021


Sometimes the strength of women is misunderstood...or even used against us. Sometimes the last description we would assign to ourselves is "strong." 

It is a fine line and often mysteriously overlapping...

the distance between strength and weakness. 

Who are the strong women who have inspired you in your life?  What does it mean to be strong?  We have invited some women of strength to talk about the women they have drawn strength from in their lives.  It is going to be SO great to hear share be enCOURAGEd toward

walking in strength in these lives God has given us.


Below you will find the videos from this wonderful day together!

Singing with Jami + Emory 

Four Strong Women 

jami smith 2019.jpg

Jami Smith

asha jordan.jpg

Asha Jordan

Val headshot.jpg

Valerie Gin

dr rene.jpg

Dr. René Rochester


Kristin Stockfisch

(and Ry😊)

Debbie Haliday.jpeg

Debbie Haliday

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